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RPG Toolkit

RPG Toolkit

Welcome to RPG Toolkit. RPG Toolkit is a roleplaying game utility app for the iPhone.


  • Customizable characteristic fields for RPG characters
  • A dice-rolling function
  • Drawing from a deck of cards
  • A note-managing function
  • The ability to sync to the RPG Toolkit website

Discussion on the application is carried out on the Fear The Boot discussion forums. Suggestions for improvement and features are welcome. The specific thread discussing the App may be found here.

At the moment, RPG Toolkit is only available on the iPhone. You may download the App from the iTunes App Store at the link below:


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RPG Toolkit is hosted by Fear the Boot, a multimedia endeavor dedicated to the roleplaying game industry.

Warning: Versions of the app prior to 1.25 have a syncing problem.
Please be sure that you are using the latest version before attempting a sync.